Develop personalized service and technical support for merchants

We focus on providing professional, flexible, efficient and convenient cross-border financial services for global businesses

According to your specific business needs, we will provide you with customized payment solutions and technical support

Localized payment process  let the buyer complete the payment more quickly

Many countries and regions have their own mainstream payment methods

We will customize and fit the local payment process for you, improve the user's shopping experience, and improve the payment conversion rate

Optimized credit card payment interface

Optimized local payment interface

Mobile payment optimization

With the popularity of mobile devices

the overseas mobile payment market continues to grow

which is conducive to tapping potential customers

Considerate customer service 24 hours for your quick response

Filter risk orders for merchants

For orders with abnormal transactions and risks, the customer service will make a smart screening after the transaction is completed, contact the cardholder in time to confirm the authenticity of the order, and feedback the merchant at the first time, thereby reducing the risk of chargeback.

Appeal for merchant

Chargeback order,we will contact both parties of the transaction to verify the reasons. If it is determined to be a fraudulent order, it will actively ask for complaint information from the merchant, and strive for payment for the merchant to avoid capital loss.

24-hour bilingual customer service

7 X 24 hours uninterrupted service,professional bilingual customer service team,warm-hearted and meticulous service attitude.

Big data analysis explore the value of cross-border e-commerce data

Regularly provide data analysis for merchants,according to big data statistics of payment country distribution

payment time, payment failure reasons and so on, provide detailed guidance reports for merchants

to help them better operate